Steps To Take To Replace Your Car After A Natural Disaster | Penney Auto Body & Glass Vancouver

Car shopping is probably the last thing on your mind when you're caught in a natural disaster. But natural disasters can destroy tens of thousands of cars in a blink of an eye, leaving many owners no choice but to buy a replacement vehicle and rebuild their lives. 

Even a toppled tree on a car can leave someone without a ride for awhile.

Here are a few basic tips - from filing car insurance claims to car shopping - to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Figure out if your car insurance covers natural disasters
Go through your insurance again to see what's covered before making any big decisions. If you have comprehensive insurance, your damaged car is most likely covered as part of the policy. Comprehensive insurance covers things that could happen in a storm, flood, falling objects, wind damage, etc. If you have a newer car, you most likely have this coverage, regardless of where you live. 

If you don't have comprehensive coverage, check your home owner's or renter's policy. You may be covered for natural disaster-related damages to your car. 

Document everything
When it's safe, grab your camera and take some pictures. Make sure you get various shots from different angles. Don't forget to include interior shots. Avoid cleaning up as you want clear evidents to give your insurance company and to help them understand the nature of the disaster. If you can provide before and after shots of your car's condition, that would help your case even more. 

Hold your own
Keep a detailed record of every interaction you have with your insurance company after making a claim, including the date and time, and the person you spoke with. A detailed record is extremely helpful if there are ever any issues that arise with settling your claim. Remeber, you do not need to accept the first settlement that comes your way. Ask lots of questions to determine why you were offered that specific amount. If it doesn't seem fair, use all the evidence you collected to make your case. 

Hold off on buying that car
It may be tempting to buy another set of wheels right away, but be careful. Continue to do your research when buying a new car. But in the wake of a natural disaster? It's even more critical. New and used cars in affected areas can jump by as much as $1,000 to recover damaged inventory and interruptions in the supply chain. 

Perhaps rent a car or take public transit for awhile until things settle down, as this will buy you time and allow you to source out the best options for you.

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